High-speed rail-grinding train to be tested in Sweden

Continuous rail maintenance increases rail life. If that maintenance can also be carried out using a ‘high-speed grinding train’, daily services will not be disrupted. This is according to Filip Glebe, Managing Director at Vossloh Rail Services.

Vossloh Rail Services is a part of the Vossloh family, which is exhibiting at a shared stand during Elmia Nordic Rail. The stand presents a range of products from the various associated companies such as fastening systems, diesel engines, trams and more. Vossloh Rail Services has chosen to present its high-speed rail-grinding train.
“It can go 80 kilometres an hour, which means it can grind about 100 kilometres of track during a shift,” says Glebe.

Trains like this are already operating in Denmark, Germany, China and other countries, but not in Sweden as yet. However, a pilot project to test the rail-grinding train in Sweden will begin by the end of the year.
“The Swedish Transport Administration has opened up a small door for testing new technologies, and we intend to make the most of that opportunity. We’re hoping it could lead to new business for us.”

Filip Glebe, Managing Director at Vossloh Rail Services
Filip Glebe, Managing Director at Vossloh Rail Services