Premiere for Crashtest-Live


Crashtest-live will be conducted twice a day at the site outside the exhibition halls in front of the eyes of the fair visitors. A new and unique concept to highlight the vital importance of working protective devices (rails) along our roads.

Correctly executed, they save lives - suffered from mistakes or failures, the outcome can be the exact opposite!

The difference between a functioning protective device and a non-functional will be visible in a very tangible way.

The crashtests is carried out under the auspices of Nordic Road Safety, NRS in Sundsvall, which is also responsible for railing material for the tests during one of the fair days.

The other two days comes railing material from Ramirent and Saferoad Birsta.

See you in stand A07:14 at these dates and times:

Thuesday: 9.30 and 13.30

Wednesday: 9.30 and 13.30

Thursday: 9.30 and 14.45


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