Nordic Rail buffet

Nordic Rail buffet  7 October


On the Wednesday evening we arrange the Nordic Rail Buffet, a great opportunity to enjoy some good food and drink with your colleagues. An Italian buffet will be served at tables. There will then be coffee and dessert in Halls A and B. The industry’s Future Transport Award will also be presented during the evening.

Time: 11 October, 19.00

Place: Lobby North, Elmia

Price: 595 SEK (exclude VAT) per ticket

Book your ticket to the buffet (Nordic Rail buffet are included in some conference packages)

The menu 

Welcome drink


Tapenade, Bruschetta and Foccacia

Main Course

Chili and Rosmary-marinated chicken, served with parmesan creamed potatoes and a tomato salsa


Vanilla Panna Cotta with raspberry compote

Bevarage: The meal is served with beer, wine or water. Coffee or tea with dessert.

Future Transport Lounge

Finish off your evening in our Future Transport Lounge. Here you can chatting about transport of the future with old an new contacts to the sounds of low-key music. The lounge is open for everyone who attends the Nordic Rail bufét and the bar will of course be open for service too.

Time: 11 OCtober, 22.00-01.00

Venue: The lounge in the Elmia Meeting Train, text to Hall B