The Conference

- a unique meeting-place

The conference is a very important part of the fair. Here you get an insight into new research and all the topical issues. Elmia arrange trade seminars across 18 different themes. in our exhibitor and Functional Food seminars you as an exhibitor have a chance to present your products and services.

This year the conference is divided into three different tracks - Future Transport, Rail and Road, but of course you can choose to attend any seminar in the program.

>> Exhibitor Seminars - 40 minutes in the spotlight

Holding your own seminar is a great way of spreading information about a product, service or some other subject. You will have 40 minutes, a stage and all the necessary technical equipment. Your seminar will be marketed in the official conference program which is sent out to about 12,000 different recipients and at our websites.
Price: SEK 9,900. The seminar is free for the visitors and you will get a list of all participants afterwards.

Deadline: There is a limited number of seminars and it´s first come, first served.

Book a seminar

You book your seminar at "My Pages"

1. Log in to "My Pages" either in the box to the right or at the key icon at the top of this webpage.

2. Under the heading "Conference" you make your booking.

>> Functional Food Seminars - 40 minutees with food and talk

Invite 50 hungry conference guests and serve them your best argument. For a Functional Food seminar you invite your guest to both food and talk. You decide what you will talk about and Elmia fix the food.

Price: You pay 19 995 SEK and the price includes both food and drinks for 50 persons.

Booking: You book your Funcitional Food Seminar at "My Pages".

Deadline: There is a limited number of seminars and it´s first come, first served. 

For questions, please contact Ulrica Widegren, phone +46 36 15 23 41.