Mellanskogsmässan becomes MellanskogsElmia!

Since 1975 Elmia has been organising forestry demo fairs out in the woods. The fairs attract many forest industry representatives from Sweden and many other countries. The forestry fairs Elmia Wood and SkogsElmia, which are respectively the biggest forestry fairs in the world and the Nordic region, are held alternately every other year (in uneven years) with differing focuses.

With its 32,000 members in central Sweden, Mellanskog is the nation’s second-biggest association of forest owners. Since 2006 Mellanskog has independently organised a forestry fair called Mellanskogsmässan. The fair has been held every second year (in even years) at varying sites within the association’s geographical area. Mellanskog’s intention with the fair has been to communicate with its own members and other interested parties of importance to the association’s activities.


About MellanskogsElmia

About MellanskogsElmia

The biggest meeting place for mid-Swedish forestry.

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