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World Bioenergy 2014

Extra wide biomass cover gives better forest residue and more energy

Walki Group is a leading international manufacturer of technical laminates and packaging materials with protective functions. It is also the only Nordic manufacturer of paper-based covers for logging residue, which is used as a biofuel. At World Bioenergy 2014, Walki is presenting its new and extra large biomass cover, Walki®Biomass Cover, in a six-metre width.

Walki Biomass Cover“We’re the only company to make cover material six metres wide,” explains Jens Desthon, Sales Manager at Walki Sweden. “Our products are also made here in the Nordic region and all the production stages are here from start to finish.”

Read more about Walki Group at World Bioenergy.

Workshops – handling practical everyday issues

- like how to handle particle emissions

World Bioenergy 2014 is a meeting point for people in the global bioenergy business, and an opportunity to discuss practical everyday issues. That’s why we organise the workshops, to create the best conditions for interaction and discussion.

One example: “How to clean air emissions in a cost efficient way”, a workshop on Wednesday morning 4 June. EU has a proposal for drastically lowered particle emissions from boilers 1 – 50 MW. Will these new regulations hamper the development of the bioenergy sector? Or is it a necessary step to guarantee good health for the public? What technologies are available, and at what cost? How do we handle more difficult fuels, like agricultural waste? 

Read more about our workshops.

Prince Carl Philip opens the conference and fair 

H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip, Photo: kungahuset.se/foto Jonas Borg.Prince Carl Philip is son to the Swedish king, and patron for World Bioenergy. Prince Carl Philip has training in agronomy, and has also studied and practiced design. He is an outdoor person, a skier and most of all, a car racer. The Swedish royal family has shown a strong interest in promoting bioenergy, installing a pellets heat plant at the major royal palace, introduced biofuels in their cars, etc. King Carl Gustaf was patron of World Bioenergy 2006 – 2012. We are honored that Prince Carl Philip now has accepted to be our patron, and is coming to Jönköping to open the conference and exhibition. 

Read more about the opening session.

Fast-growing crops for fast-growing economies?  

The theme of one of our workshops is: “How can bioenergy benefit rural development in tropical countries?” Dozens of developing countries have large bioenergy resources and favourable conditions for energy crops. We look at a number of cases and discuss how to promote development. Zambia, Kenya and Sudan are some of the countries we focus on, but the discussion concerns all tropical countries. 

Read more about the workshops on wednesday June 4th.

Short rotation coppice production 

- developing better plant material

On-farm storage of newly harvested SRC willow chips. Photo: Rune KällénSweden has a long-standing experience in short rotation coppice production using fast-growing willows. New and more productive breeds have been developed during the previous decades. Take the pre conference bus from Copenhagen airport on Monday 2 June, and visit a production site and the plant breeding station in southern Sweden. This time of year, you can practically see how the Salix bushes are growing before your eyes.

Read more about the Pre-Conference tour from Copenhagen.

May 2014

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World Biorefinery is being held at the same time

Just as in 2012, Elmia and SPCI are jointly offering conference themes on the innovative topic of biorefining on 3 and 4 June.

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