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World Bioenergy 2014

Discuss with experts on bioenergy in Africa

Addax in Sierra Leone started its production of bioethanol from sugarcane and Biopower to the national grid last week. The company also has educated 2000 small-scale farmers in improved farming practices, to guarantee increased food production in the area. More than half of the participants in these farmer schools are women.

This is one of several examples presented in the workshop at World Bioenergy 2014 in Jönköping on 4 May under the title "How can bioenergy benefit rural development in tropical countries". Other projects presented concern micro distilleries and improved stoves using ethanol, and terrified charcoal in Mocambique.

Come and take part in this workshop, discuss the issues, and meet experts like Harry Stokes from Project Gaia, and Beneard Mouk from ACTS (African Centre for Technology Studies) in Kenya. 

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Pre- and post-conference transfer tours take you to Jönköping

The tour will take you to a forest site where harvesting takes place. Woodchips is the major fuel in Skänninge, as in many other small heat  plants in Sweden. Our popular pre- and post-conference transfer tours on 2 June and 5 June offer a very convenient, cost- and time-effective travel option from airports in Stockholm, Arlanda, and Copenhagen Kastrup to Jönköping and back.

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World Biorefinery is being held at the same time

Just as in 2012, Elmia and SPCI are jointly offering conference themes on the innovative topic of biorefining on 3 and 4 June.

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