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World Bioenergy 2014

Bioenergy market still strong

Since it was founded in 1979 the Swedish bioenergy company HOTAB has supplied more than 500 unique energy production plants based on biofuels. HOTAB is attending World Bioenergy for the fourth time to exhibit its products and services. The company knows the market for bioenergy is still strong.
Värmeverket i Gränna som HOTAB byggt. Foto: HOTAB"There is a great need for efficient and cost-optimal bioenergy solutions for local and district heating and industrial processes," explains Magnus Hermansson, marketing manager of HOTAB Eldningsteknik in Kristianstad, Sweden. "Every plant is unique and we have the expertise to produce custom solutions based on each individual customer's requirements for technology, fuels and emissions."

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Take the bus from Copenhagen Airport 

One of the Pre Conference Tours to World Bioenergy goes from Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup to Jönköping. The distance to Jönköping is about the same as from Stockholm, but Copenhagen has more international flight connections than Stockholm Arlanda Airport. So, why not take the bus from Copenhagen?

Photo: Rune Källén Text: On-farm storage of newly harvested SRC willow chips, SalixEnergi Europa AB.This bus tour has an agricultural profile. Quite natural, since the southern province of Scania is the breadbasket of Sweden. We will look at short rotation coppice production – fast growing willows producing energy-rich chips. We will also look at biogas production at two locations. The second biogas plant is a brand new installation at a large dairy farm, Wapnö, outside the city of Halmstad. The farm sells its own milk, and the biogas is produced mainly from manure.

When will aviation fuels fly? 

For airplanes, there is no other viable renewable alternative than biofuels. Many airline companies have already started investigating the possibilities to introduce bio-kerosene, and some already use minor quantities on a regular basis. One of our workshops at World Bioenergy 2014 is dedicated to aviation fuels. We will discuss issues like what fuels to use, what feedstocks to use, what costs to expect, and what regulations and incentives may drive the market. Will aviation fuels be a major market for the bioenergy industry in the future? Come and discuss.

Biogas plant in cooperation between farmers and utility 

One of the daily study visits goes to Sävsjö biogas, a biogas plant south of Jönköping. The plant is owned jointly by a number of farmers in the area, dairy and pig farmers, who produce large quantities of manure, and Gothenburg Energy, a large utility in Sweden’s second largest city. The biogas is up-graded to transport fuel quality, and a gas pump has been installed in the city of Sävsjö. The residue from the biogas plant is sold as a certified organic fertilizer. In 2012, this plant recieved the regional Climate award.

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