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Elmia Subcontractor

Unique seal gains new applications

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ unique Turcon Roto L seal was developed mainly for off-road vehicles but more areas of use have emerged at the latest Elmia Subcontractor. “We got a lead on the very first day,” says Ann-Marie Ringqvist, Marketing Coordinator at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Sweden.

Ann-Marie Ringqvist (right) talking with Johanna Larsson and Morgan Karlsson of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.Agricultural and off-road vehicles are often equipped with various central tire inflation systems (CTIS). These allow a vehicle’s tire pressure to be increased or decreased depending on the surface. Sports cars have the same requirement and this is where the Turcon Roto L enters the picture.

“At high speeds the cars will perform better with a high tire pressure or even with a different tire pressure on each wheel, depending slightly on the track they’re being driven on,” explains Henrik Sindmark, Technical Knowledge Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Jönköping.

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Autodesk cuts production time

Shorten your lead times, reduce your production times and work more efficiently with product development. That’s how Autodesk is marketing its latest construction solutions, including the 3D design tool Inventor and the cloud-based solution Fusion 360, which the company is exhibiting during Elmia Subcontractor.

Daniel Norén, at Autodesk, with a racing car he designed using Autodesk’s cloud-based service Fusion 360. “Hopefully the shorter lead times will mean companies can increase their productivity,” explains Rikard Levenstam, Technical Sales Development Manager at Autodesk.

Inventor HSM, which is an integrated CAD and CAM tool, has been on the market for a couple of years but is only now really starting to seize a share of the Nordic market.

Having an integrated system means that designers and engineers can create products using only a single tool.

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