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Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor an important base for Danish industry

The Danish organisation Industrisamarbejdet Danmark works on behalf of its 10,000 member companies to create the best possible conditions for Danish companies. Part of this strategy is to visit Elmia’s trade fair for the subcontracting industry every year.

Anette Flies and Finn E. Pedersen of Industrisamarbejdet Danmark at Elmia Subcontractor. “Just visiting the fair once is not enough. It’s really important to maintain continuity and keep coming back,” explains coordinator Anette Flies.

Industrisamarbejdet Danmark works to improve its members’ opportunities for growth and improved competitiveness. This is the eighth year in a row that Anette Flies from the organisation is attending Elmia Subcontractor. The joint stand is exhibiting a range of products – mainly from the metalworking industry – that demonstrates the members’ breadth.

The organisation consists of 10,000 private companies in the fields of manufacturing and services. In order to be able to satisfy new demands from politicians, organisations and other companies, Flies says it’s important to maintain an open dialogue with the rest of the industrial sector.

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A material with many properties

Lighter, cheaper and above all easier to handle. Polymer materials have a strong and growing market, says Nolato Industrial, which has a joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor for its five different companies.

Nolato Industrial consists of five different companies. At Elmia Subcontractor they are exhibiting together and presenting a wide variety of products. “The automotive industry is our hottest market at the moment,” says Jan-Olof Söderholm, sales and marketing manager at Nolato Industrial.

The company is exhibiting its considerable breadth at the fair and showcasing its biggest customers’ products, ranging from car parts to pharmaceutical products. Nolato Industrial develops and manufactures products in polymer materials such as plastic, silicone and TPE. The company’s offerings include injection moulding, improving existing products and combining various materials.

“The use of polymer materials continues to increase as more and more people become aware of the material’s properties and all the advantages they offer,” Söderholm says.

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