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“We always come back”

Ovako exhibits at Elmia Subcontractor every year. This year the company is launching a new steel at the fair – WR Steel – and will give two seminars about the new product. “This is a very important place for us, an excellent way to exhibit our products,” says Anne Eriksson, marketing assistant at Ovako Sweden.

Every year the steel company Ovako plans its participation in northern Europe’s leading subcontracting fair – Elmia Subcontractor. Most of Ovako’s customers attend the fair and many of the company’s future business deals start here, as Eriksson explains:
“We come here to meet our existing customers, who are otherwise spread out throughout Sweden. We tend to have a number of business meetings scheduled, which we hope – based on previous experience – will result in new leads.”

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Unique seal lowers operating costs

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is presenting its unique Turcon Roto L seal during Elmia Subcontractor.
“What’s so good about the Turcon Roto L is that the sealing lips are only activated when the system needs pressure,” explains Morgan Karlsson, a sales representative at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

The Turcon Roto L only seals around the axle of a central tire inflation system (CTIS) when it’s really needed – that is, while the tire is being inflated or deflated.

Conventional seals in a CTIS system are in constant contact with the vehicle’s axle, which wears the seal. Friction also results, which uses energy. By eliminating friction when the tire is not pressurised, the Turcon Roto L prevents unnecessary energy loss and reduces fuel consumption.

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Cauliflower soup

Elk sausage from Hugo's in Örserum, Creamed cooked potatoes flavored with chanterelle mushrooms artichokes and pickled beetroot.

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Free bus from Jönköping City to Elmia

Exhibitors and visitors attending Elmia Subcontractor can travel free of charge on Jönköping city bus line 1 during the fair by showing the driver their entrance ticket or exhibitor's badge.

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Wednesday 12 Nov
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