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A new generation of forest owners focuses more on preservation

New-generation forest owners are managing their own forests and aiming for more than just a return on their investment. At least as important to them is to care for their forests in a long-term, environmentally suitable way. That was clear among both the visitors and exhibitors at this year’s SkogsElmia.

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Austrian global debut at SkogsElmia

Pewag, an Austrian manufacturer of tyre chains, chose to have the world premiere of its new tracks for forest machines at SkogsElmia.

The result is three types of tracks for different ground conditions with a larger tempered surface and three asymmetrically placed studs on each of the forged links. Pewag says the tracks will be more durable and have a better grip in the forest.

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Trend break at this year’s SkogsElmia:

Now the big companies want small machines

“This year’s SkogsElmia marks a trend break. Now the major forest companies and their contractors are coming to us.”

Magnus Wallin is the founder of the forest machinery manufacturer Malwa, which makes small machines for professional use.

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Premiere for Sampo’s first forwarder

Finland’s Sampo Rosenlew are specialists at harvesting – both in agriculture and forestry. At SkogsElmia they presented their first-ever forwarder.

“Our harvester customers have been asking for a forwarder for years,” says marketing manager Harri Uusi-Rauva.

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The first simulator for small harvesters

Small forest machines are becoming more and more like their big brothers, with features like computer support and spacious cabs with a good working environment. On top of that, at SkogsElmia Vimek presented a professional harvester simulator.

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Hybrid drive saves fuel and increases speed

Woodtiger is a different kind of hybrid forwarder. The machine has two types of transmission: hydrostatic and mechanical.

“On road the forwarder functions like a normal tractor and can be driven at 30 kilometres an hour,” says Åke Johansson, its designer and owner of Woodtiger AB.

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