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SkogsElmia exhibitor information

Moving in

Moving in for all outdoor stands may start on Thursday 28 May, 07.00 hrs. For stands in marquee moving in may start on Monday 31 May, 07.00 hrs as all marquees are expected to be raised.


Moving-in route

All exhibitor traffic through the exhibition area is one way, both during moving in and moving out. Exit the E4 highway at exit 90 which is signposted Vaggeryd Norra (Bondstorp – Travbana). Follow the signs.

Moving-in and moving-out times


Delivery address

It is of the utmost important that you mark your goods clearly and precisely ideally with large letters not forgetting to include stand number, company name, contact person and phone number. Delivery of goods to the stands will be debited.

Elmia cannot take any responsibility for goods unloaded or delivered to unmanned stands.

SkogsElmia 2015
Stand no., Company name
Contact person and phone no.
Bratteborgs Gård


Transport management

Goods/Incoming Transport will show you the way to your stand. Single consignments arriving by road courier are shown the access route for onward transport to the stand or the closest unloading point. Trailers are directed to a suitable unloading point depending on the stand, tel. +46 36-15 22 86 or +46 36-15 22 85


Loading and unloading

If you need forklift service, crane wheel loaders, unloading, loading or ground work, for example, contact Thomas Friman on +46 36-15 22 86 or Mikael Bergdahl on +46 36-15 22 85. If you need help with the above on a Saturday or public holiday, please arrange a time no later than the Friday before.


Security surveillance

The exhibition area is monitored overnight from 17:00 on 28 May to 07:00 on 9 June.

NB! It is not permitted to organise customer activities or similar in the exhibition area or stand after the fair has closed. Moreover, it is not permitted to stay in the exhibition area overnight.


Press activities

By all means let us know if you are planning to have any press conference or other activities for the trade press so that we can include this in the daily program. Contact Veronika Albert on e-mail: veronika.albert@elmia.se


We publish your news


It’s important to highlight the new and innovative products, services and solutions that you will be presenting at your stand at the fair, because they attract visitors and interest the journalists and trade magazines.

You can upload your press releases directly to our website. Remember to keep the text brief and focused on the actual news. Unfortunately we are unable to publish product information or product descriptions. Please use your login to upload your press release at My pages

We will publish your news free of charge to both the visiting public and the press.


Order your stand furnishings, chips & logs, electricity etc

In order to be able to provide the best possible service we need to have any orders for our services (marquees, electricity, chips & logs, furnishings, flag poles etc) in good time. A surcharge of 30% on top of standard prices for stand service will be charged for orders received after 27 April 2015, and a surcharge of 100% will be charged for orders received after 27 May 2015.

Marcus Aronsson
+46 36 15 23 35


Book accommodation for the fair

Elmia Meeting will reserve hotel rooms and other accommodation especially for you as an exhibitor at SkogsElmia.
Phone: +46 36 15 22 22
Email: booking@elmia.se