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Practical information about moving in, machinery and storage possibilities.


Moving in machinery and large equipment
One important and much appreciated feature of Elmia Polymer is the machines in operation at the stands. This places some practical requirements on the associated technology and the coordination of moving in and moving out.

Exhibitors who will have machinery or large equipment at their stand must contact Elmia’s Transport Service, Mikael Bergdahl, tel. 036-15 22 85 to book a time for unloading and to get a price quote. The machines must be moved in before the ordinary moving-in time for the fair, i.e. 13–16 April. However, this only affects the moving in of machinery. Stand construction is only permitted during the ordinary moving-in time.

If you wish to have machinery delivered, use Elmia’s ordinary delivery entrance by the guardhouse at Mässgatan 12.

Storage of granules and other production materials during the fair

Elmia has reserved a warehouse for exhibitors’ granules and other material. Inform Elmia Transport Service about the amount of your material and to get an allocated space for it. The warehouse will be open to exhibitors during the fair and equipped with hand trolleys for anyone wishing to refill their stand supplies themselves. Exhibitors wishing to have help delivering material to their stand during the fair should contact Elmia Transport Service, Mikael Bergdahl, tel. 036-15 22 85 to get a price quote.


Disposal of waste and by-products
If you require the removal of waste and by-products, inform Exhibitor Support, Siv Karlsson, tel. 036-15 22 06. Remember to do this in plenty of time to ensure efficient handling during the fair. For large volumes, recycling containers can also be placed at your stand.


Labelling your consignments
Elmia Polymer
Stand. no, Comapany name
Contact person and phone number
Mässvägen 12