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It’s time to order your invitation cards

You can now order your invitation cards at My Pages. We’ve updated our system and we can now use it to offer more benefits to you as an exhibitor.

- With your logo included on the invitation cards, your customers can easily see who has sent them the invitation. This reinforces your marketing. (There is a fee to print the logo.)

- Handling and ordering is easy and you can see the delivery status and preview the card before you submit your order.

New! Construction cards and parking cards are now ordered and printed out directly via our website. You can do this as of the end of Week 7.

Exhibitor cards are personal and registered via the website. If you have an exhibitor card you do not need a construction card. Only external construction companies need a construction card.


Electronic invitation cards

As a complement to your printed tickets you can also use an invitation code to invite visitors. The visitor preregisters at the website by using the code instead of the ticket number on the invitation card.

The code is unique to your company and, just as with the invitation cards, you can see who has chosen to use your invitation card or campaign code by going to Leads.

The code can be used an unlimited number of times.

At My Pages – Tips for invitations – Invitation Code you will find your unique invitation code. 


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