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Elmia Garden 2015

Maaike Koop of Greenn helps Dutch companies to exhibit in Sweden.

Dutch exhibitors test the Swedish market

A trade fair is a good venue for getting a feel for a new market and testing it out. Sometimes that process is easier when it’s shared. This approach was used by the Dutch company Greenn in its joint stand, where four different companies exhibited together for the first time.

Greenn helps other Dutch companies to find their way around the trade fair jungle. At Elmia Garden Greenn organised a joint stand where other companies in the garden industry could test the Swedish market and help each other with a market introduction.

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Marcel Jansen helps the garden industry to create inspiration.

Marcel Jansen helps companies to create inspiration

Marcel Jansen is a marketing consultant with a passion for retail and horticulture. He knows how to transform a shop containing individual products into a space filled with feeling and context. This makes him a source of inspiration and a trends expert who is consulted by many companies.

Marcel operates the company Strøm Creative Marketing in Amsterdam and has a background in both retail and horticulture. In the garden industry he helps suppliers to create inspirational concepts targeted at flower shops, florists, garden centres etc. 

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Ulf Fransson, product range developer at Nelson Garden.

Growing plants at home is trendy

Nelson Garden launched a world first at Elmia Garden. Called Easy to grow, it is a starter kit with everything in one package for growing tomato, lettuce and cabbage seedlings.

“If you want to grow plants at home today, you need to buy a variety of stuff to get started and that can be a barrier to many people,” explains Ulf Fransson, product range developer at Nelson Garden. “It’s become trendy to grow vegetables at home and we want to jump on that trend. That’s why we’ve developed this starter kit to make it easy for people to get underway.” 

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Sven Andersen, a sales rep for Splendor Plant.

New products with added value

Splendor Plant presented its new First Edition series at Elmia Garden. Grown in a plum-coloured pot, the bright, beautiful plants in lovely colours are equally well suited to public spaces and private gardens.

“Product development is a large part of our job and when we develop new products our focus is to find plants that offer something more and give the series added value – a berry with a new, refreshing taste or a plant that produces more flowers,” says Sven Andersen, a sales rep for Splendor Plant. 

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Veronika Gårdestig and Michael Karlsson, CEO and Deputy CEO respectively of Impecta Fröhandel, present the seed trends for 2016.

Organic is a growing trend in the seed business

Hobby growers who start from seed are increasingly interested in using organic seeds. Ideally the plants can be grown on balconies and then eaten. This was one of the major trends presented by Impecta Fröhandel at Elmia Garden.

Impecta Fröhandel presented a large number of new seed varieties at this year’s fair. Many of them are organic.

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 Elmia Garden 2015 attracted 3029 visitors from the garden industry.

Warm welcome back 5-6 October 2016!