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Elmia Garden 2015

The right packaging adds value

Patrik Vilsmyr

Patrik Vilsmyr works with PR and business development at Mäster Grön, Sweden’s biggest supplier of indoor and outdoor plants for the home. He says in many cases Swedish-grown decorative plants are far too anonymously packaged.

“Every day we see products in the store that are only marked with a bar code on the pot,” he says. “We also see pretty bags that are intended to increase the plants’ attractiveness but totally lack any product declaration. Customers are entitled to packaging that is both attractive and informative, so there is work to be done here.” 

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Flanders – more than azaleas

Flanders in Belgium is world renowned for its azaleas. But during Elmia Garden the industry organisation VLAM is proof that the region offers a lot more as well.


“Our member companies can offer a large variety of products suited to a colder climate,” says Lieve van Kerckvoorden, horticultural product manager at VLAM.

A lot of Flemish azaleas are exported to Sweden and sold, including in cooperation with Crown Princess Victoria's Foundation. Another proof of their quality is that the azalea from Ghent was the first horticultural product to be given the recognition of Protected Geographical Indication by the EU in 2010.

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