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Nordic Rail buffé

Nordic Rail Buffé

Nordic Rail buffet

On Wednesday 7 October we lay the table for the Nordic Rail buffet, an industry networking event where you can socialise with your customers and keep talking business while enjoying good food and drink.

Time: Wedneysday 7 October, 19.00 the evening starts with drink and mingle. The transport industry's most prestigious prize, Elmia Future Transport Award, is presented. 19.30 the buffet is served in the aisles between the stands in Hall A and Hall B.

Place: North Lobby at Elmia.

Menu: Swedish Tapas

Price: 490 SEK per tickets. One ticket is included in your stand price. 

Order tickets- at latest 30 September, 11.00 CET

Order your buffet tickets  for your staff, customers and special guests by use your weblogin and log in to 'My Pages'.  We must have your booking at latest 30 September, 11.00 CET.

New concept - Future Transport Jazz Lounge

After you have eaten a good meal and mingled in the halls you can continue disucssing the transport solutions of the future in the Future Transport Jazz Lounge.

Time: 22.00-01.00

Place: Elmia Meeting Train - The Lounge Area


Do you want more information?

Please contact Kristina Hjorth, exhibitor support, telephone:+46 36 15 22 05

Order a VIP Pass to the conference

VIP Pass to the conference at Elmia Nordic Rail-Elmia Future Transport-Elmia Nordic Road

Many of the subjects covered in the conference are interesting to you as exhibitor. We therefore have a VIP Pass which is sold exclusively to exhibitors and provides direct admission to the seminars.

The card can be shared by several people within a company so that personnel can both staff your stand and attend seminars.

Order your VIP Pass: You order your VIP Pass at our website at 'My Pages'. Use your weblogin to get to 'My Pages".

Retrieve VIP Pass: You retrieve your VIP Pass here at Elmia in Information Disk in Lobby North.