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Inviting Customers

Make sure the right visitors come to your stand

Do not let chance determine who you meet at your stand. Invite the companies and people you want to see, and make sure as many as possible come to your particular stand!

This is easy with the Elmia Invitation Tool, which enables you to download a unique code which gives your customers free entry to the fair. (You do not pay anything extra for entry cards you send out which are used, they are included in your stand fee.)

You can also announce that you are exhibiting by adding a short notice to your advertisements, by putting a banner on your website and sending a newsletter to new and existing customers. Be sure to build a sense of curiosity about you and your stand.

The Invitation Tool and codes to send to your customers or place in banners, for example, can be found under My Pages online at elmia.se/futuretransport, elmia.se/nordicrail or elmia.se/nordicroad.


How to invite your customers - completely free of charge

We have developed three tools to make it easier for you to invite customers. Go to our website and log on to My Pages (use your web login). Here you will find three different tools you can use.

1. An invitation code which is unique to your company. The code can be used in advertisements, e-mails and so on.

2. Pre-prepared banners and e-mail signatures to add to your website and e-mails. Link your unique campaign code to the banner or signature so your customer can gain entry to the fair.

3. Personal invitations which you can create easily.

All this makes it easier for the customer to register for the fair. At the same time it gives you the exhibitor an overview of how many – and which – customers have registered. Those you invited will be scanned at the entrance. We will unfortunately not be able to offer you as an exhibitor the scanning possibility at your stand.

Intrested in finding out more or need help logging in?

Contact: Tina Andersen, Tel: + 46 36 15 22 50


Exhibitors - can book an Exhibitor seminar

The conference programme includes three key seminars, 45 trade seminars, 45 exhibitor seminars and a number of Functional Food talks. At Functional Food you the exhibitor can hold a lunch talk where the audience listens and eats – free of charge. We have a few sessions available – get in touch if you would like to book one. There are also a number of Exhibitor seminar left. By booking an Exhibitor seminar you can for 40 minutes spreading information about a product, service or some other subject.

Go to "My pages" and do your booking.