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Enter your details - so visitors can find you

The Fair Catalogue is the visitors guide before, during and after the fair. The aim of the catalogue is to help the visitors to find you, the exhibitor, and to find out what you are offering and where you are located. Now is the time to enter your details for the catalogue - to make sure you are searchable for thousands of visitors!

>> The Fair Catalogue is available in digital and printed format. The digital Online Fair Catalogue released first on the fairs website. This is a service that enables visitors to search through the companies that will be exhibiting at the fair, and plan their visit beforehand.

We know from previous experience that the visitor frequency on the website - and the Online Fair Catalogue - increases dramatically towards this time a year when the Conference Programme is be released. Make sure to enter your details right away so you will be visible to all visitors.

How to enter your details:

  1. Enter your details for the Fair Catalogue at one of our websites: Future Transport, Nordic Rail eller Nordic Road.
  2. Log in to *My Pages* by using your web-login. Fill in your presentation.
  3. Remember to change the name in Company presentation if you want to be visible with another name iin your marketing.

If you have any questions, please contact Tina Andersen, exhibitors support,
phone: +46 36 15 22 50

Advertise in the fair catalogue

Advertising in the Fair Catalogue increases the chance for the visitors to notice your company. Advertising is sold by Irmer Media on behalf of Elmia.

Fore information, please contact Johan Nordstrand, Irmer Media,
phone: +46 8 742 01 50 alt. +46 76 213 56 97