Elmia Lantbruk Innovation Award

Like many other prizes, the Elmia Lantbruk Innovation Award has different prize denominations. The most prestigious is gold but silver is also a confirmation that a product has stood out in the advancement of Swedish agriculture. The jury’s assessment is based on the criteria of innovation value, environmental impact, work environment, product quality and animal welfare.


Elmia Lantbruk Innovation Award Gold

For the jury to give a gold award to a product, it must both be new on the market and use new technology. The product must also help to advance Swedish agriculture. If a product receives this award, you know it is something you should keep an eye on. The jury cannot guarantee always to give a gold award, so companies that do receive one can feel very proud.

Elmia Lantbruk Innovation Award Silver 

There are products that advance Swedish agriculture without meeting the extremely tough conditions required for gold. A silver award-winning product has been judged by the jury to be very interesting and also innovative. Receiving a silver award means that your product stands out among the nominated entries and has placed among the highest on the judging list.