Garden Trends 2017

The garden trends for 2017 are presented by Elmia Garden and visualized by Blomsterfrämjandet with Swedish plants and presented in the catalogue called Trädgårdstrender 2017. This material can be used as a business tool or as inspiration. The trends for 2017 are called Green in the Garden, The Green Lab and Vego Garden.

The catalogue is in Swedish, but below you find a summary in English. 

Garden Trends for 2017

An interest in plants and gardening is no longer exclusive to gardening enthusiasts but is also found in many other fields. In 2017 we will continue to see gardening in interior design and fashion, in the kitchen and cooking, on the balcony and at preschools. Green excursion destinations are becoming increasingly common and are developing simple products and smart solutions so that even people without a green thumb can successfully grow plants.

Real gardening enthusiasts are taking on the challenge to make the impossible possible with hybrids and plants that were previously regarded as being too difficult to grow in our climate. We will see Asian herbs in kitchen gardens and more and more vertical gardens appearing in our urban centres.

In 2017 there will also be an innovative approach to find creative solutions that can help reduce food waste. Function will become more important than form and previously discarded sub-species of plants will now be the focus for new products and creative solutions. We will also see a futuristic element with plants that can grow without either soil or sunlight.

The trend of growing edible food also characterises 2017, as our desire for organic, healthy and locally grown food continues to increase. Vegetables will be the focal point of the dinner plate and we will see baked goods decorated with flowers and rusks baked with lavender.

The trends, which have been selected by Elmia Garden and interpreted with Swedish-grown plants by the industry organisation Blomsterfrämjandet, present a picture that will characterise the coming year. The catalogue can be used as a business tool, a purchasing support or as pure inspiration. Next year’s trends are called Green in the Garden, The Green Lab and Vego Garden. 

Click on the image below to see the full catalogue (in Swedish).