Nominated products for Elmia Garden Award - Garden product of the year 2018

Urban Garden Compost, Miljöcenter AB

The compost system transforms organic waste into a nutrient-rich compost that can be used to deliver nutrients and beneficial microorganisms to both indoor and outdoor plants. Because the product has an anaerobic (non-oxygen-dependent) composting process that can occur indoors, even apartment dwellers can be environmentally smart. For example, the compost can be placed under the sink or on the balcony and help reduce the amount of household waste.


Hydroponic grow box Harvy, Nelson Garden AB

The grow box is designed for the hydroponic cultivation of herbs and other green-leaf plants. It provides an easy way to grow plants, as it does not require a large kitchen, patio, soil or green fingers. You only need to add water and nutrients. The grow box is made in Sweden and the material is recycled polypropylene. Includes six pre-sown grow plugs and a nutrient solution.

Jordkompisar biochar, Hasselfors Garden AB

The Jordkompisar (Soil buddies) concept includes the additives necessary for you to grow plants and create your own functioning soil. Biochar is mixed into the soil and gives it a porous structure, which creates good water retention plus living space for the microbes in the soil. The biochar can also be charged with nutrients to store them in the soil, benefiting both plants and surface-level organisms. Biochar is also a way of making your garden climate positive because it binds carbon dioxide out of the air, which is then stored in the soil in the long term. 


Gardenize garden app, Gardenize AB

This mobile app for gardening fans allows you to combine your own photos and notes to gain full oversight over your own garden. This digital gardening diary is easily accessible on your phone. With Gardenize you can follow the development of your garden and keep track of which plants are in which flowerbed. Gardenize is also a platform where people such as bloggers and YouTube gardening stars can reach out directly to their target groups. The app also has a plant database where plant producers can reach out to their customers.

Japanese ladder, ARS - Nakaya Scandinavia AB

The Japanese ladder is stable and steady and creates a safer work environment. You avoid having to use an aerial access platform, and the ladder’s stable design reduces the risk of accidental falls. You also get less tired working from the Japanese ladder compared with traditional ladders. The ladder comes in four lengths, which are approved within the EU.


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