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News from Elmia Garden

Elmia Garden Trends is the inspirational website that gives the garden industry a preview of the coming year’s trends. The website functions as a business tool that offers inspiration and purchasing support. Now the trends will also be presented to the general public at Liseberg’s Garden Days from 17-20 May. 

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Inspiration and news were presented at Elmia Garden

Exciting new garden trends. Perennial of the Year for 2018 plus the shortlisted entries for the Elmia Garden Award were some of the elements that attracted great interest at Elmia Garden in Jönköping, Sweden. The trade fair attracted a record number of exhibitors and confirmed its position as northern Europe’s biggest meeting place for the garden retail trade – everyone who supplies plant material, pots, garden decorations and other products or services to customers in the green industry.

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Elin Frendberg, CEO, Swedish Fashion Council, lectured about upcoming trends at Elmia Garden.

Inspiration, influences and social developments are just some of the ingredients considered when the Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) does the trendspotting that underlies next year’s garden trends. The trends for 2018 were presented at Elmia Garden.

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Ulf Larsson, biologist, and Anna Håkansson, lawyer, both from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, were busy answering questions at Elmia Garden about invasive plants and how to deal with banned plants.

The list of invasive alien plants is growing – plants whose growth habits enable them to rapidly out-compete other plants and negatively impact biological diversity. Nine new plants have been added to the EU’s list this year, including Himalayan or Indian balsam, giant hogweed and crimson fountaingrass. Several of them are already causing major problems

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3D printer in the new segment Future Stories at Elmia Garden

Future Stories, which is about how to get your message out using VR technology, 3D printing and social media, was presented for the first time at Elmia Garden. Christoffer Wadman, a teaching assistant with the engineering programme at Jönköping University, demonstrated how this technology could be used in the future.

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Actaea simplex, Sweden’s Perennial of the Year for 2018

The dark-leaved varieties of Actaea simplex, commonly known as Kamchatka bugbane, are Sweden’s Perennial of the Year for 2018. Selected by the perennial group of the garden section of the Federation of Swedish Farmers, and presented at Elmia Garden in Jönköping, Sweden, it is a plant for connoisseurs that combines a strong and stately presence with liveliness and grace.

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Elmia Garden Award, nomination for garden product of the year for 2018

Five smart, innovative products have been shortlisted for the Elmia Garden Award for garden product of the year for 2018. They are being exhibited for the first time at Elmia Garden in Jönköping, Sweden.

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New Landmann Vinson 2018. Photo: Landmann

There is a clear trend towards furnishing and decorating outdoor spaces and gardens. In summer the garden and patio are increasingly taking over the role of the living room. Garden furniture, outdoor lighting and food preparation possibilities are all now part of Elmia Garden.

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Stone. Photo: LightsOn

When you invest time and money in creating a beautiful outdoor setting you want to be able to enjoy it even during the darker hours of the day. A lighting system from LightsOn makes it possible to have an attractively lit garden in the space of an hour. 

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New Landmann Avalon 2018

The last time Landmann exhibited at Elmia Garden was 2006. On 4-5 October 2017 the company is back – now in the new product segment for grills, garden furniture and outdoor lighting. Among other things, Landmann will present its new grill series for 2018.

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Björn Lidbrandt with his concrete planting ring

Design Björn Lidbrandt’s simple and stylish concrete planting ring is a real bestseller. The Elmia Garden Award for the 2017 garden product of the year has brought the planting ring a lot of attention and new models have also been developed.

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Today we are launching the new online platform Elmia Garden Trends. The website is aimed at everyone who works in the garden industry and can be used as a business tool for inspiration and purchasing support.

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Planting ring in concrete.

The 2017 Elmia Garden Award for the garden product of the year has gone to Design Björn Lidbrandt for his planting ring made of concrete. The product offers an effective solution to protect trees and bushes when robot lawnmowers cut the grass. The ring also becomes a stylish feature in the garden.

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