The right packaging adds value

Patrik Vilsmyr works with PR and business development at Mäster Grön, Sweden’s biggest supplier of indoor and outdoor plants for the home. He says in many cases Swedish-grown decorative plants are far too anonymously packaged.

Patrik Vilsmyr“Every day we see products in the store that are only marked with a bar code on the pot,” he says. “We also see pretty bags that are intended to increase the plants’ attractiveness but totally lack any product declaration. Customers are entitled to packaging that is both attractive and informative, so there is work to be done here.” 


Origin increasingly important

Swedish consumers are increasingly choosing Swedish and locally grown products and it is therefore important that growers become better at communicating that their plants are grown in Sweden and how they are grown. Certification adds clarification and credibility. In Sweden the main certification symbols are Svenskt Sigill and KRAV, which are easy for consumers to recognise. In Mäster Grön’s communication on its pots, bags and other packaging, the company has chosen to focus a spotlight on its horticulturists and their handiwork. This is a long-term project, which the growers’ association hopes will give the horticulturists better status, increase trust in the products and finally lead to better sales.


Swedish Cancer Society

Begonia flowers

“It’s also important to help our retail and chainstore customers with campaigns. For example, we’re working with the Swedish Cancer Society in their Pink Ribbon campaign,” Patrik says. “To reach the consumer, the campaign is given visibility with the aid of stickers, customised product bags or more luxurious FloraCups. We are also helping the stores with sales promotion in the form of signs in various sizes plus banners that can be used on the edges of shelves or tables.” 


metallic bags

Elmia Garden

At Elmia Garden visitors will get to see more of Mäster Grön’s specially designed campaign materials. Because Elmia Garden coincides with the first weeks of the Pink Ribbon campaign we can expect many shades of pink.