The first nursery is now climate certified

Today there is a strong demand from informed customers for environmentally sound and climate-smart products. One label that helps consumers make the right choice is the Svenskt Sigillclimate certification programme offered by the Swedish company Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB. Wändels Trädgård is the first nursery in Sweden to gain climate certification for its production.

Magnus och Marie, Wändels trädgård

Magnus and Marie Wändel work to the motto: Doing good helps us to thrive too.

Wändels Trädgård is located in Skåne and is Sweden’s biggest perennial nursery. The company is owned and operated by Magnus and Marie Wändel, who also founded the nursery some 20 years ago. Right from the start, sustainability work has been an important part of their business. Among other things, the company uses electric forklifts for all internal bulk handling and annually updates its environmental work by doing resource analyses.

“It’s only now when we look back that we realise we’ve always taken an environmental approach to everything we’ve done. We often say that we take care of the environment so that both humans and plants will do well. Doing good helps us to thrive too,” Magnus Wändel explains.

In becoming climate certified, Wändels Trädgård joins a group of about 70 climate-certified companies that actively contribute to a sustainable society by reducing their use of fossil fuels and maximising the efficiency of their energy consumption.

“It felt right and also easy to become climate certified with the Svenskt Sigill climate certification label,” Magnus says. “For over a decade we’ve documented our internal environmental work for our own sake but when our customers began to ask questions, we realised the need for independent inspection. Now it feels easy and good to be able to tell people about our company’s environmental work, and of course we will use it in our marketing. The link between the Svenskt Sigill climate certification label and Swedish-grown perennials is a good one.”

At Elmia Garden you are welcome to visit the joint stand for Swedish nurseries, Svenska Plantskolor, to find out more from Wändels Trädgård!

Magnus and Marie Wändel
Magnus and Marie Wändel