Marcel Jansen, retail marketer from Amsterdam:

"Stop selling flowers and plants"

On the opening day of Elmia Garden, Northern Europe's most important trade fair, Marcel Jansen, Dutch marketing consultant from Amsterdam, talked about how Swedes could be even better vendors with creative business opportunities.

- Start creating stories. And do not forget the details, says Marcel Jansen. 

With deep understanding of the retail world Marcel Jansen knows how to inspire retailers, shopping centers and other organizations with creative business opportunities. During Elmia Garden 2014 he talked about how the Swedish retailer may be even better at marketing their products. For example by creating a clear and unique brand and attract customers with creative environments.

- Sweden is quite unique with its many small flower shops. They should take more advantage of it and try a niche, create clear concepts so that they stand out more, says Marcel Jansen.

He showed many examples of good marketing and highlighted the trend that is currently growing rapidly in Europe - combining two different products in one concept.

- It is a very smart move. It will be unique and concentrated. I think we will be seeing more of that in the future. You just have to find your unique brand, says Marcel Jansen.