Microfibre plant pot this year’s winner

For the tenth year in a row Elmia Garden has crowned a winner of the Elmia Garden Award, the competition that aims to promote good gardening solutions. Urbanero has won the anniversary year prize with its plant pot MicroGarden made of microfibre.

Olof Nauclér, grundare av Urbanero.

“I’m incredibly proud to be among the large, well-known companies that were also nominated for the award,” comments Olof Nauclér, founder of Urbanero. “But our pot is more ingenious than it first appears and the jury has clearly gone for that. My goal was to develop a product that everyone can use even if they don’t have a garden, and the prize proves I had the right idea.” 

The concept involved creating a flexible plant pot that is easy to grow plants in and can be used for a number of years. Evidence that Urbanero succeeded is that the pot is guaranteed for five years. But since the pots are lightweight, Urbanero’s MicroGarden offers flexible gardening choices. 

“The pot already has masses of fans and there are even people who grow plants in my pots while they’re on their caravanning holiday,” Olof says. 

Christina Säll chaired the jury and the test group of the products for the Elmia Garden Award. This year there were three finalists. But in the end the jury decided that Urbanero’s pot was elegant, practical and durable. 

“We found the plant pot from Urbanero to be well designed,” she says. “The bottom of the material is waterproof but the sides let water through, which means that the plants thrive but the pot does not make a mess. At the end of the season you just fold the pot up ready for next year. With Urbanero pots you avoid having to store empty pallet collars over the winter.” 

The 2015 Elmia Garden Award jury included: Christina Säll, editor-in-chief of the Swedish Horticultural Society’s magazine Hemträdgården, Simon Irvine, garden designer at Läckö Castle and Magnus Åström, creative director at the Scandinavian design agency Blink. 

The jury statement: With MicroGarden Urbanero has developed a flexible and functional alternative to growing plants in pallet collars. The low weight and soft, shapeable material makes the product easy to use and reuse by gardeners everywhere – on the patio or balcony and in the garden. With its well-planned design and generous volume, MicroGarden lets people grow vegetables everywhere and of course flowers too.