Blomsterlandet looks ahead

Blomsterlandet is a chain of garden centres throughout Sweden and right now it is a hive of activity – both in the retail outlets where spring shopping has just begun and in-house, where the autumn collections are being presented. Ulrika Landström is product manager for interiors at Blomsterlandet and is in the process of setting up an in-house fair to present the trends for this autumn. Photos for the upcoming season are taken at the fair, which also provides inspiration to garden centre representatives from around Sweden. 

Green and lush are a popular trend this spring.

Blomsterlandet works hard with trendspotting so it can make the right decisions for its new collections and products. By travelling around the world and visiting trend seminars and trade fairs such as Elmia Garden, Ulrika Landström gathers impressions and knowledge, which she then uses to create collections that are in harmony with Blomsterlandet’s philosophy and other product lines.

Erica Dahlqvist is the theme and activity coordinator at Blomsterlandet. Photo: Blomsterlandet“It’s important for us to constantly be at the forefront in terms of trends,” explains Erica Dahlqvist, who is the theme and activity coordinator at Blomsterlandet. “This spring we can see that the trend towards having green plants is still strong, with plants as a self-evident feature in interiors. This green trend, which we call ‘Green Mystique’, also has many black elements. Environmental aspects are becoming more and more important and many consumers are asking for products produced in environmentally friendly conditions. People are asking for ferns, decorative grasses, fig trees, green climbing plants and so on.”

As well as the green, lush trend there is also a colourful, exuberant trend with bright spring colours in both the plants and the pots. The trend is called “Colour orgy à la colonial” and suitable plants are sunflowers, geraniums, mandevillas, roses, ranunculus and pansies. In terms of non-plant products, prisms in various shapes are still in demand. One incredibly popular product at Blomsterlandet is a glass prism lantern.

Brightly coloured flowering pot plants and pots made of various metals are also very popular.

“Towards autumn we are moving to more traditional autumn colours,” Erica continues. “They are shades of burnt orange and muted hues of purple and grey. Copper is still trendy but now with a matte surface. More metals are also coming in and brass is predicted to be the new bestseller.”