Wednesday 5 October


Next Level Garden Retail

What's the next level for Green Retailing? How to become a relevant destination worth visiting more often? It's all about the context in which flowers and plants are sold. What can we change to seduce customers with our offers and get a younger audience into our stores. This presentation will show enough content and inspiration to develop your own  'survival retail strategy'.

Marcel Jansen

The stage in hall D


Elmia Garden press showing

The stage in hall D


How to make our stores more Shoppable?

This presentation will be a 'search' of visual merchandising and presentation ideas spotted in other retail sectors. Let's reinvent what store looks like. Let's ask ourselves how to expand our business by 20%.  Take a look at 'carriers & barriers' regarding conversion and sales in our stores. How can we make our stores more shoppable? How can we profit from online developments?

Marcel Jansen

The stage in hall C

18.00 The fair closes

Thursday 6 October


Green Solutions 

Many people agree gardening makes them feel happier! Green living is the trend! We should embrace this development and profit from it. So let's help people become more happy. But....stop selling green products. Start selling green solutions that will surround our customers with nature! This presentation will show new products and some concepts from Elmia Garden too.

Marcel Jansen

The stage in hall C

  With reservation for changes
16.00 The fair closes

Note that this is only the seminars that are held in English. The full programme can be found on our Swedish website.