The Elmia Garden Award 2017

The 2017 Elmia Garden Award for the garden product of the year has gone to Design Björn Lidbrandt for his planting ring made of concrete. The product offers an effective solution to protect trees and bushes when robot lawnmowers cut the grass. The ring also becomes a stylish feature in the garden.

“The award is very important to me,” Lidbrandt says. “It is a confirmation that this is a good product and I hope it will also bring benefits thanks to the media attention the product is now receiving.”

Protects newly planted trees and bushes
The planting ring is easy to put in place and its solid-cast construction enables the ring to stay put on any type of ground. The raised edge offers protection by making robot lawnmowers turn instead of driving over the new trees and bushes.

“I got the idea for the planting ring when I bought my own automower and encountered problems with putting new plants in my garden after the lawnmower’s loop wire was already in place. I’ve built models and created prototypes all my professional life and know about form and function. The ideas came flooding in and the first prototype was soon ready,” Lidbrandt says.

Big development potential
The planting ring has been on the market since 2015 but has only been marketed via Lidbrandt’s own website plus social media, as he runs the Jönköping-based company Design Björn Lidbrandt alongside his regular job.

The product has major development potential as the use of robot lawnmowers increases. There is already a ring in two sections that can be put around existing trees, and Lidbrandt has several sizes of ring on the way for different types of plants.

“The ring has a modern design and also solves a problem,” comments Christina Säll, chair of the Elmia Garden Award jury. “This is the first time the award has gone to a product that works in both private gardens and public environments.”


About Elmia Garden Award

The Elmia Garden Award is a distinction that carries weight and status in the industry. An electrically powered wheelbarrow, an ergonomic tedder, a nesting box with a web camera, a practical growing bench, a lamp with lighting for plants and most recently 100 % recycled potting soil– over the years all kinds of great, intelligent solutions have been presented when the winner of the Elmia Garden Award is announced.

Jury and rules

The products are assessed by a jury comprising such recognised figures as Simon Irvine, garden designer at Läckö Castle, Christina Säll of Hemträdgården gardening magazine and creative director Magnus Åström. The eventual winner will be announced at a press conference 16 March 2017. All the major Swedish trade magazines, along with many daily papers, have written about previous winners of the award.