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Björn Lidbrandt with his concrete planting ring

Design Björn Lidbrandt’s simple and stylish concrete planting ring is a real bestseller. The Elmia Garden Award for the 2017 garden product of the year has brought the planting ring a lot of attention and new models have also been developed.

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Today we are launching the new online platform Elmia Garden Trends. The website is aimed at everyone who works in the garden industry and can be used as a business tool for inspiration and purchasing support.

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Planting ring in concrete.

The 2017 Elmia Garden Award for the garden product of the year has gone to Design Björn Lidbrandt for his planting ring made of concrete. The product offers an effective solution to protect trees and bushes when robot lawnmowers cut the grass. The ring also becomes a stylish feature in the garden.

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Nicklas Jensen during Createshop

New to Elmia Garden this year is Createshop, a workshop where 16 participants came to Jönköping to create their own unique flower arrangements under the guidance of florist and inspirationalist Nicklas Jensen.

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Magnus and Marie Wändel

Today there is a strong demand from informed customers for environmentally sound and climate-smart products. One label that helps consumers make the right choice is the Svenskt Sigillclimate certification programme offered by the Swedish company Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB. Wändels Trädgård is the first nursery in Sweden to gain climate certification for its production.

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Environmental thinking and urban development go hand in hand for the garden industry. That trend was clear at this year’s Elmia Garden in Jönköping, the industry fair for the garden retail trade. More and more international players are now also focusing on the Scandinavian market with their products.

Sven Andersen, a sales rep for Splendor Plant.

Splendor Plant presented its new First Edition series at Elmia Garden. Grown in a plum-coloured pot, the bright, beautiful plants in lovely colours are equally well suited to public spaces and private gardens.

Marcel Jansen helps the garden industry to create inspiration.

Marcel Jansen is a marketing consultant with a passion for retail and horticulture. He knows how to transform a shop containing individual products into a space filled with feeling and context. This makes him a source of inspiration and a trends expert who is consulted by many companies.

Veronika Gårdestig and Michael Karlsson, CEO and Deputy CEO respectively of Impecta Fröhandel, present the seed trends for 2016.

Hobby growers who start from seed are increasingly interested in using organic seeds. Ideally the plants can be grown on balconies and then eaten. This was one of the major trends presented by Impecta Fröhandel at Elmia Garden.

Ulf Fransson, product range developer at Nelson Garden.

Nelson Garden launched a world first at Elmia Garden. Called Easy to grow, it is a starter kit with everything in one package for growing tomato, lettuce and cabbage seedlings.

Maaike Koop of Greenn helps Dutch companies to exhibit in Sweden.

A trade fair is a good venue for getting a feel for a new market and testing it out. Sometimes that process is easier when it’s shared. This approach was used by the Dutch company Greenn in its joint stand, where four different companies exhibited together for the first time.

Patrik Vilsmyr works with PR and business development at Mäster Grön, Sweden’s biggest supplier of indoor and outdoor plants for the home. He says in many cases Swedish-grown decorative plants are far too anonymously packaged.

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Flanders in Belgium is world renowned for its azaleas. But during Elmia Garden the industry organisation VLAM is proof that the region offers a lot more as well.

“Our member companies can offer a large variety of products suited to a colder climate,” says Lieve van Kerckvoorden, horticultural product manager at VLAM.

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For the tenth year in a row Elmia Garden has crowned a winner of the Elmia Garden Award, the competition that aims to promote good gardening solutions. Urbanero has won the anniversary year prize with its plant pot MicroGarden made of microfibre.

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Blomsterlandet is a chain of garden centres throughout Sweden and right now it is a hive of activity – both in the retail outlets where spring shopping has just begun and in-house, where the autumn collections are being presented. Ulrika Landström is product manager for interiors at Blomsterlandet and is in the process of setting up an in-house fair to present the trends for this autumn. Photos for the upcoming season are taken at the fair, which also provides inspiration to garden centre representatives from around Sweden. 

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As early as March Floradania and pej gruppen at Scandinavian Trend Institute present next year’s trends for Floradania’s members. The trends are based on impressions and observations from various design fairs in Milan, Paris, Asia and the US, which are then linked to the prevailing spirit of the age and consumer behaviour patterns.

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On the opening day of Elmia Garden, Northern Europe's most important trade fair, Marcel Jansen, Dutch marketing consultant from Amsterdam, talked about how Swedes could be even better vendors with creative business opportunities.

- Start creating stories. And do not forget the details, says Marcel Jansen. 

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