Quality assurance

Are you considering hosting a fair, conference, congress or event at Elmia? If so, you’re in safe hands. Backed by 40 years of experience, we have developed a number of comprehensive processes for quality assurance, for every product we offer. In other words, we do it properly.

The process for trade shows comprises a number of logical stages: preparation, planning, deliveries, the show itself and subsequent evaluation. After the final stage the process starts over, ready for the next edition of the show. Fairlink conducts extensive visitor surveys and all our fairs are regulated by Scandinavian Fair Control (SFC), which means you can obtain independent statistics about visitors and target groups.

When it comes to meetings, congresses, conferences and events the processes are well-established over three phases: before, during and after. There are careful guidelines in each phase for how the main activities will be arranged and who is responsible.

You yourself play an important part in our quality management. We want our customers to help draw up the strategic guidelines in partnership with us. Then we can define the goals based on your industry’s current situation and future. And this is when we can surpass the expectations of both you and your visitors.