Sort with care

Working at Elmia can be rubbish sometimes. Four hundred thousands visitors make quite a mark – and even though we are experienced in this kind of work, it requires a lot of planning to make sure the system for sorting waste runs smoothly.

We, our customers and business partners initially carry out a basic separation into different containers at the site and in the offices. Paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, glass and restaurant waste are some of the categories. The containers are collected by a refuse company and the contents are further sorted at three recycling centres near Elmia. From here the waste is then collected for transport to certified waste processing sites.

Food waste from our restaurants is ground down here in the kitchens. We can then deliver the ground food waste to the local authority, ready for production of biogas – clearly a recipe for success.

Ask us about chemicals and we prefer to change the subject. Or rather the substance. In other words, we are continuously striving to replace hazardous chemicals with better environmental choices. Needless to say, we are also careful to follow our strict instructions on procuring, storing and using chemicals, and disposing of them.