District cooling

Alongside waste, energy consumption accounts for Elmia’s biggest impact on the environment. We thought long and hard about how we could minimise resource waste in this area. Finally we realised the perfect solution was on our doorstep.

 The Vättern is a deep lake. Deep and cold. There are only a few days in a year when the people of Jönköping can enjoy a dip. However, the cold does in fact have its advantages, as demonstrated by our unique Vättern cooling system. Using pumps and heat exchangers, we use the lake water to cool the exhibition halls. The water circulates in a closed system and not only creates energy savings of up to 670 MWh a year – we have also managed to remove approximately 800 kg of CFCs from our cooling system.

Our heat and electricity is also supplied by local companies – district heating from the plant in Torsvik and electricity from Jönköping Energi.