Exhibitor Guide

Checklista - Deadlines

The earlier you place your orders, the smoother your fair will run.

Below is a list of the most important deadlines for your fair participation. Note that each deadline is the very last date, but ideally you should place your orders well ahead of this.


Activity / Contact


March 27
A surcharge of 50% on top of our standard prices will be charged on orders received after deadline.

Stand Design and Interior

Sara Svensson
Phone: +46 36 15 21 34


Stand out during the fair
Advertising exposure at Elmia

Andreas Eriksson
Phone: +46 36 15 21 19

April 13
The catalogue online will be published on April 13 and will be updated continuously until the fair.

Company Presentation, Co-Exhibitors, Product Register
Siv Karlsson 
Phone: +46 36 15 22 06

April 24

Printed invitation cards
Siv Karlsson 
Phone: +46 36 15 22 06

Printed via My Pages

Printed Exhibitor Cards, Construction Cards and Parking Permits

Siv Karlsson 
Phone: +46 36 15 22 06

April 20

Register via My Pages 

Evening activities at the stand

Siv Karlsson 
Phone: +46 36 15 22 06

May 3

Deadline for cancelling the insurance

Elmia Exhibitor Insurance

Information about the insurance>>

Anneli Dahlgren, Länsförsäkringar
Phone: +46 8 588 400 60

Lotten Jansson, Länsförsäkringar
Phone: +46 8 588 423 11

The natural meeting-place and work room for journalists visiting the fair.

Press Material for the Press Room
Johan Larsson
Phone: +46 36 15 23 39

April 24

Elmia Transport Service
Phone: +46 36 15 22 85, +46 36 15 22 86
Fax: +46 36 16 66 80

April 24

International Freight
Phone: +46 70 315 23 33

Moving-in and moving-out times

Moving in

Date / Time

For questions, please contact
the Information Desk

20-05-08 - 20-05-10 / 08.00-22.00 Service staffing 08.00-16.00
20-05-11 / 08.00-20.00 Service staffing 08.00-20.00

The stands must be ready latest May 11 at 20.00. The North Entrance may not be used for loading/unloading

Moving out

Date / Time

For questions, please contact the Information Desk

20-05-15 / 16.00-22.00   Service staffing 16.00-20.00
20-05-16 / 08.00-22.00 Service staffing 08.00-16.00
20-05-17 / 08.00-16.00 Service staffing 08.00-16.00

NB! Gates for moving out open at 16.00. This applies both for indoor and outdoor exhibitors. The North Entrance may not be used for loading/unloading.

The fairs opening hours

Tuesday 12 May 09.00-17.00
Wednesday 13 May 09.00-17.00
Thursday 14 May 09.00-17.00
Friday 15 May 09.00-15.00

When showing personal exhibitor card, you will access the fair one hour before opening and one hour after fair closes.

Do not forget to print your personal exhibitor cards to your stand staff. Log on to "My pages" and register your stand staff.

Shipping & Freight

You can ship items to Elmia. Here are delivery addresses and other information relating to shipping and freight. ACCORDING TO NSAB 2000.

Labelling of consignments

It is essential that you clearly mark each consignment as indicated below: Delivery address:

Name of the exhibition
Stand no.,
Company name
Contact person and phone no. 
Mässvägen 12 

Freight delivery before the fair

  • Unloading takes place automatically on arrival at the fair site, as per the latest price list.

  • If storage is required before or after the fair, please contact Elmia Transport Service.

Elmia Transport Service

Elmia Transport Service cannot be held liable for items left unsupervised at stands. We recommend that you, the exhibitor, take out comprehensive exhibitor insurance.

Elmia Transport Service – see Who to contact for contact details.

Service staffing during the fair

  • As per Elmia’s service staffing during Moving-in and moving-out times.

Forklift help

Times outside of the staffing times can be booked with Elmia Transport Service, no later than two weeks before the fair.

Storage of empty packaging is charged as per the price list

Storage of empty packaging is charged as per the price list.

  • It is essential that any packaging is marked with the company name and stand number. Marking labels are available from Elmia Transport Service outside Hall D and in Lobby North/South.

  • The empty packaging will be returned to you after the fair, once the gangway carpets have been removed.

After the fair – important considerations

  • Exhibitors may only move out once the gangway carpets have been removed.

  • Consignments for shipping must be clearly marked. There must also be a goods waybill completed showing who is paying for the freight and the shipping company being used.

  • Shipping should be booked by you direct with the shipping company.

  • Leave the consignment at your stand.

Other services

  • Positioning of consignments at stand as per instructions

    Elmia will position your machinery or equipment as you wish. Send a drawing with instructions to Elmia Transport Service.

  • Forklift hire
    Order your forklift in advance from Elmia Transport Service. Please note that for all hoist driving and operation, Elmia requires an approved operator’s certificate.

  • Banding
    We will band your goods after the fair.

  • Personnel hire

  • For sale
    Various packaging materials are available to purchase.

Please contact Elmia Transport Service for further information.

Exhibitor cards - Construction Cards - Parking Passes

To show your permission to the fair as Exhibitor or co-worker, please display your Jurisdiction Card clearly throughout your stay in the fair ground.

Exhibitor Cards

Exhibitor Cards are needed by the stand staff working in the stand during the fair, the cards are valid during moving in and moving out also. The cards are personal.

Place your order as follow:

  1. Log in to ‘My Pages’ with your username and password through the key symbol in the right upper corner.
  2. Under ‘Register and print exhibitor cards and contruction cards’ you register your stand staff and print out the cards.

Constructions Cards

For safety reasons, anyone working on stand construction must have a Construction Card. Construction Cards are only valid during the moving-in and moving-out periods.

Place your order as follow:

  1. Log in to ‘My Pages’ with your username and password through the key symbol in the right upper corner.
  2. Under ‘Register and print exhibitor cards and contruction cards’ you register your stand builders and print out the cards.

Parking Passes

The parking areas at Elmia are connected to parking meters. Exhibitors have the possibility to order parking passes for SEK 288 (excl. VAT) each. The passes are valid during the whole fair even during moving -in and -out.

Place your order as follow:

  1. Log in to ‘My Pages’ with your username and password through the key symbol in the right upper corner.
  2. Go to "My order" and click on Parkings passes and place your order. You print your own parking passes.


Registration fee

Invoiced when the order confirmation is sent out.
The terms of payment are 30 days net.

Stand hire and exhibitor insurance

Invoiced 90 days prior to the Fair’s first day and payment is due at the latest 60 days prior to the Fair’s first day.

Other invoicing

Payment of 100% of the value of the stand interior as stated in the Order is due 14 days prior to the Fair’s first day.

Add-on orders and parts of the Order that cannot be specified or invoiced in advance will be invoiced after the last day of the Fair with payment terms of 20 days net.

See terms of payment in General Terms & Conditions Elmia AB


Invitations – Invite your customers

You have an excellent opportunity to influence which visitors come to the fair.

Invitation link

Use your invitation link to invite your customers to your stand. Place the link in a banner online or in your email signature. The link makes it easy for the visitor to pre-register on the website. You can find a banner with your company name and stand number under My pages> Invite your customers.

The link can be used an unlimited number of times.

The invitation link is unique for your company and you can see who has chosen to use your code by visiting the page My pages>My Leads.

Invitation cards

Market your participation in the fair by sending out invitation cards to your customers. That way they receive a personal invitation to your particular stand. A highly effective way of marketing your participation at the fair.

Order invitation cards

  1. Place your order by logging in to ‘My Pages’ with your username and password in the box to the right.
  2. The order form Invitation cards is under ‘My order’.

Main Exhibitors order cards for themselves and Co-Exhibitors place their own orders using their password and login for our website.


Your company name printed in black and white: SEK 995 (plus VAT) for 100 cards. Cost of extra cards: SEK 95 for 100 cards (plus VAT).

Your logo printed: SEK 1495 (plus VAT) for 100 cards. Cost of extra cards: SEK 149 for 100 cards (plus VAT).

A smarter route to more business

When the visitor has finished the pre-registration for the fair they will be presented with the option to continue the registration and enter the matching against exhibiting companies based on the areas of interest.

The areas of interest are based on the product register in the exhibitor catalogue and it is therefore important for as exhibitor to fill out what products and services will be presented at the fair. The number of categories that exhibitors can enter is limited to 20.

Contact information of the visitors whose interests match your products and services will be continually updated in Leads, our tools for handling leads and contacts. As exhibitor you have access to your Leads by using your web login to access "My Pages".

In Leads you can also see who has pre-registered to visit the fair using your invitation card or electronic invitation code. During, or after, the fair you can enter the number on your visitor’s badge to download their contact information.

Elmia Plus Leads

We want to give you more time for new customers and make it easier for you to follow up on your business contacts at the fair. With Leads handling in the Elmia Plus app, you just scan the barcode on visitors’ name badges and immediately get complete customer information. The app also lets you add your own notes to complement the visitor information. You no longer have to bother keeping track of business cards and remember which visitor is interested in what.

  • Reduce your administration
  • Focus on your customer meetings
  • Follow up your business contacts immediately

Download the Elmia Plus app:

Android App store


Read under My Pages how to activate the Leads handling tool in Elmia Plus.

Exhibitor Insurance

As a trade fair organiser we know that insurance is important. Elmia’s Exhibitor Insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on your sales activities.

You should have received information about Elmia’s Exhibitor Insurance along with your order confirmation.

Further information about the insurance and complete terms and conditions are provided below. They are available to download as PDF files.

The insurance applies provided that payment has been made by the due date.

Complete insurance terms and conditions

Complete insurance terms and conditions

Information about the insurance

Elmias Exhibitor insurance

Information about the insurance

Claim form

The Fair Catalogue

The Fair Catalogue presents your company, products and services. The Fair Catalogue is available on our website and in the app Elmia Guide. The information is published automatically.

The registration fee includes:

  • Corporate presentation with catalogue text
  • Product Register
  • Representatives
  • Brands

How to register your catalogue information:

If you have exhibited at Elmia before, you can use your existing details when placing an order. NB! Must be approved and submitted.

  1. Log in by entering your username and password.
  2. Place your orders by selecting ‘My order’.
  3. Check that your company details are correct under ‘Corporate presentation’. NB! Changes made here will only appear in the Fair Catalogue. Also enter the catalogue text (see explanation below).
  4. Under ‘Co-Exhibitors/Representatives/Brands’, select the options appropriate for you.
  5. The Product Register acts as a search register for the visitors. Tick the product areas your comapany represent.

Catalogue text

The catalogue text may contain a brief description of the company and the products and/or services being shown at the stand. The entry may be a maximum of 600 characters. Additional text is charged at SEK 100 (exc. VAT) per 72 characters.
To ensure that you also reach our international visitors, please also send your text in English. No additional charges will be made for this text, however it must not exceed 600 characters.


Check the box for Representative and fill in the representative’s name and country. Representatives appear free of charge in the catalogue.


Check the box for Brand and fill in the brand name. Brands appear free of charge in the catalogue.

Product Register

Tick the product areas your company represents in the Product Register. If none of the sections covers your field, please provide your own suggestion.
The Product Register is for Main Exhibitors and Co-Exhibitors only.


-Shares stand with Main Exhibitor

Report any co-exhibitors under My pages. Co-exhibitors are shown in the same way as the main exhibitor in the fair catalog with the opportunity to fill in company presentation, product register, agency and brands.

How to register your co-exhibitor

If you have exhibited at Elmia before, you can use your existing details when placing an order. NB! Must be approved and submitted.

  1. Log in by entering your username and password.
  2. Place your orders by selecting ‘My order‘ and the form Co-exhbitor.
  3. The co-exhibitor fee, SEK 4 500 (excl. VAT), will be invoiced to the co-exhibitor at booking.


Who to contact?

Personnel /Area of responsibility Phone
Elmia switchboard +46 36 15 20 00
Project Manager
Andreas Eriksson

+46 36 15 21 19
Communication Manager
Johan Larsson

+46 36 15 23 39
Stand Design Sales
Cristopher Burmann
Johanna Bjurevik

+46 36 15 22 44
+46 36 15 22 24

Exhibitors Support 
Siv Karlsson

+46 36 15 22 06
Project coordinator
Ann-Sofie Gustafsson
+46 36 15 22 53
Conference Venues
Annika Pettersson
+46 36 15 21 37
Flowers & Plants
Eva Pettersson
Evas Floristtjänst
+46 707 35 17 35
Elmia Fair Restaurants
FC Gruppen
+46 36 30 54 10
Elmia Transport Service
Mikael Bergdahl
Thomas Friman
+46 36 15 22 85
+46 36 15 22 86
International Transport / Forwarding
+46 70 315 23 33
Elmia Exhibitor Insurance
Anneli Dahlgren, Länsförsäkringar
Lotten Jansson, Länsförsäkringar

+46 8 588 400 60
+46 8 588 423 11

Direct phone numbers during the fair
Infodisk Lobby Nord
Infodisk Lobby Syd
+46 36 15 21 53
+46 36 15 21 17

Regulations for serving alcoholic beverages at Elmia

Elmia’s restaurateur FC Gruppen holds the license to serve wine, beer and spirits on the premises including restaurants, exhibition halls and meeting facilities. This means that you as an exhibitor must contact FC Gruppen if you wish to serve alcoholic beverages in your booth.

FC Gruppen will deliver ordered beverages straight to your stand based on the current price list. According to the Swedish Alcohol Act all serving of alcoholic beverages must be handled by catering staff.

FC Gruppen will arrange for rental of catering staff. It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol or serving staff.

Alcohol may be served at the earliest, from 11.00 am.

For questions please contact Adam Svensson,
FC Gruppen, phone: +46 36 30 54 10

Evening Activities at the Stand

Take advantage of you meeting area on the fair during the evening. Invite your customers to a more relaxed meeting after the fair is closed for the day.

Price for evening activities is 1 500 SEK per hour.

Application to Elmia

An application for a permit is required for activities organised at your stand or in one of Elmia’s restaurants after the fair closes, until 22.00. 

Fill in your application no later than two weeks before the fair.

For help with food and drink, please contact restaurant and catering contractor FC Gruppen Adam Svensson.

Adam Svensson  tel +46 708 30 54 10.

Please keep in mind that alcoholic beverages only can be served by FC Gruppen according to Swedish alocholic laws. Read more here.

For help with furniture, technology and other practical details, please contact Exhibitor Support (see the page "Who to contact?")