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As a meeting-place, Elmia enjoys a powerful position – at the heart of the Nordic region where people and companies either have or are looking for new ideas, products and services. 
We are not happy just to keep ourselves updated on everything that’s happening in your industry.
We also want to inspire, stimulate and drive development. Count on Elmia as an active partner in your world.

Elmia AB, Box 6066, SE-550 06 Jönköping, Sweden, 
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The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) has over 300 member companies, many with long experience in the bioenergy field. Member companies are engaged in all sectors: biomass production (collecting, harvesting, handling), transportation and trade, refining (chipping, pelleting, liquid and gas production), utilisation (electricity, heat and vehicle fuel production), production of biomass equipment (chippers, furnaces, ovens etc), consulting and research. SVEBIO organises conferences and seminars on bioenergy, publishes magazines, newsletter and information materials. SVEBIO’s main target is however to convince the decision-makers about the necessity of increased utilisation of bioenergy in order to reach a sustainable energy system. Therefore SVEBIO is an important player in the Swedish public debate on energy issues.

SVEBIO, Holländargatan 17, SE-111 60 Stockholm, Sweden, 
tel +46 8 441 70 80, fax +46 8 441 70 89, e-mail: