Elmia Sheet Metal 2016

A new trade fair for sheet metal working at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, has received a very positive reception from the industry. Elmia Sheet Metal will be held alongside three other trade fairs on 10-13 May 2016, jointly forming an important, strong foundation for the Swedish manufacturing industry.

Elmia’s takeover of ScanPlåt creates new opportunities for the Swedish manufacturing industry. The fresh start with Elmia Sheet Metal will be the industry’s own trade show for sheet metal working, machinery, tools and accessories for the sheet metal working industry. Moreover, the fair is being held in parallel with three other trade shows: Elmia Automation, Elmia Machine Tools, and Elmia Welding & Joining Technology. All the fairs focus on integrated production engineering for the Swedish manufacturing industry.

“The sheet metal working industry has expressed an interest in being part of the family of production engineering fairs. The trend nowadays is towards increasing integration, where different techniques and disciplines are woven into a wider context. Investments in machinery are increasingly part of a complete system, so it is only natural to organise these four fairs in parallel, under one roof,” says Peter Scott, Commercial Manager at Elmia AB.

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Current floorplan

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