Elmia helps you reach the Media

In the run-up to the fair, Elmia promotes the event on a massive scale to different visitor categories with press releases, print advertising, campaigns and other promotional activities. But remember: Elmia invites visitors to the fair – You invite them to your stand!

Elmia often receives inquiries about new products being displayed at the fair – so send press information in plenty of time. Your press folder might for example contain a basic outline of what you are planning to exhibit at the fair, a press release and possibly some pictures.

Send your press material to:

Elmia AB
The Water and Wastewater Fair 
Press Service
Box 6066

Elmia has a Press Service and during the fair there is a staffed press room, which is the natural meeting-place and work room for journalists visiting the fair.

Tips for communicating via the media

  1. Send us your press material in plenty of time before the fair. A press release with a good picture will be fine (NB: No printed matter please).
  2. Send the press material to your own press contacts and tell them you will be at the fair.
  3. If you wish to organise your own press showing during the fair, please contact Head of Communications. This is to ensure your showing does not clash with another event.
  4. If you need further advice, please contact Head of Communications.

See the Checklist or Who to contact for further contact details.