Theme tours

Theme tours are group tours to a number of stands where the visitors have chosen a special theme that interests them. This is an enjoyable and efficient way for visitors to get an overview lasting about an hour of who supplies what in their chosen field of interest. For participating exhibitors it is a way to bring more relevant foot traffic to their stand. 

The theme tours are planned to cover the following topics:

A. Soil compaction – greater profitability via reduced soil compaction
B. Pasture – efficient pasture production
C. Milk – the development of milk companies
D. Tractors – new technology for the tractor

Visitors pre-register for one or more tours by the first-come, first-served method. Any remaining places will be made available during the fair. The number of tours on the same theme is adjusted to fit the numbers of registered companies.

Participating exhibitors must be prepared to receive at an approximate specified time a group of 5 to 15 people in their stand, and to present their company’s business activities to the tour group for a maximum of 10 minutes on the theme of the tour. The group will then leave the stand and go to the next one. When visitors and exhibitors want to continue their discussions, they must meet again after the tour has ended (this is necessary so that the tour group can be kept together).

After the fair, participating exhibitors can receive a list of the pre-registered participants in their respective theme tour. 

Would you like to seize the opportunity to receive groups of visitors interested in a specific theme at your stand?

Register your interest here.

Last day to register: 17 September

Note that this is an application of interest. The exact number of tours and the timetable will be decided after the last registration day. We will contact you to discuss the details of the tours after 19 September .

Cost: SEK 1,000 excl. VAT per tour.

If you have any questions please contact Annika Lindskog,, +46 36 15 22 56.