Opening hours & Entrance fees


Wednesday 19 October 10.00-18.00                                                      
Thursday 20 October 09.00-20.00
Friday 21 October 09.00-17.00


Entrance fees


Buy your tickets here!


Advance purchase, adult day ticket:

SEK 250

Adult day ticket: 

SEK 300

Groups of at least 15 paying individuals, 10% discount, only applicable to adult day admission

Download and print the form and fill it in to obtain the group discount. 
Bring the form with you and hand it in at the group travel counter. If you are a group of 15 or more but will not be arriving at the fair at the same time, we ask you instead to buy your tickets when you arrive at the fair or purchase them in advance and hand them out to your fellow travellers.


Young people age 15-18

SEK 200

Students (ID required)

SEK 200

Day ticket, children:


(up to age 14, only when accompanied by an adult) 

Family day ticket:

SEK 700 

(max. two adults and two children)

Multi-day pass

SEK 500

All prices include VAT.